The game is drawn at a high level

25 Oct

Opie Productions is a creative venture from the United States, well known for its interactive children’s games and books for adults.  This time, they decided to enter the world of gambling, but did not enter into transactions with online casinos, but simply made their application available through the Apple App Store, for free.

Blackjack free online Saloon takes the player to a historic saloon in the Wild West, where he can play blackjack and even participate in a duel for money.  That is, this is not just a game, but a whole adventure for those who love cards and the Wild West.

 The cards are equipped with illustrations and photographs of Indian leaders, dancers, classic weapons, and everything that captivates movie lovers about cowboys.  Player avatars are archival photographs of people who lived in America during that historical period.

 The atmosphere and music of the game take the player into an era of desperate prospectors, risky widows and drunks who are trying to win some money.

The game is drawn at a high level

 After five rounds, players can challenge each other to a duel on pistols.  If you hit the enemy from the first shot, you can take half of his money.  Therefore, smart players keep their money in the bank.

 Sean Harris, founder of Opie Productions, said: “We tried to create an authentic and exciting adventure that combines the excitement of blackjack with the dueling factor